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Learn to Kitesurf

Learning to kitesurf will probably change your life... & with our expert tuition it's much easier & safer than it looks!

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1 Day Course // £140



Ever wanted to give kitesurfing a try? 
Our 1 day course has been designed to take you from complete beginner to competent kite flyer. By the end of the day you will be using a kite to pull yourself through the water. Safety is an integral part of kitesurfing & both the theoretical & practical elements of this will be covered in detail throughout the day. 



Site assessment, basic theory, land power kite set up, power kite flying, water kite set up, launching & landing, water relaunch, downwind/directional/upwind body dragging, safety pack-down.

2 Day Course // £280



All about the board
Our 2 day course is aimed at taking you from complete beginner to getting you up & on the board. We start with day one as detailed above then move to day two where you will hit the water & cover board starts, power delivery & work on progressing your rides. Throughout day two we are continually focusing on improving your skills learnt on day one & working towards independent kitesurfing. 


Board setup, upwind body dragging with board, first board starts, first board rides, controlling speed, stopping.

Private Lessons // £70 per hour



The fastest way to learn…
These lessons can be completely tailored to your requirements & can be scheduled anytime of the day so you can get that pre/post work lesson in. A few hours private tuition after your 2 day course can really help to speed up your progression to becoming an independent kitesurfer. Give us a call/message to let us know what you’re looking for & we will formulate the perfect lesson plan for you. We strongly advise a minimum of 2 hours if booking a private lesson to allow enough practice time. We offer the use of 2 way radio communication for these lessons so that you can be in constant contact with your instructor.

Private Boat Lessons // £80 per hour



The ultimate downwinder
Portland Harbour is 2 miles across, our boat & kite platform set up allows us to use the whole of the harbour, giving you miles of space away from other water users. the boat is your taxi so you can focus on your riding technique rather than spending time walking back up-wind & dodging other kites. Students must already be able to consistently water-start & up-wind body drag as we will be in deep water.

2 to 1 Lessons // £50 per hour



Share the fun... & the cost
These lessons can be used as a continuation to our 2 day course if you feel you need that little bit of extra tuition with your kiting buddy. Alternatively if you & a friend want to learn a new trick, to ride a surfboard or to boost higher, then these lessons provide the chance to take it in turns & learn from each other’s progression. Lessons are run with two students sharing one kite with one instructor.

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