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Advanced Coaching

Want to learn to ride a foil, bust strapless airs, take your first steps at unhooking or just want to practice your deepwater self rescue skills? We can provide all of the above & more. Take a look below for more details or give us a call if you have something specific you're looking to learn.

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Foiling // £150



Kite foiling opens up a whole new world of fun on the water but the first few steps can be daunting & frustrating. We provide tuition ranging from first time on a foil, through to mastering manoeuvres such as gybes, tacks, 360’s & jumps. 

Surfboard // £140



From light wind cruising to surfing huge waves, it can all be done on a surfboard. Portland Harbours flat water is the perfect place to learn the first few stages of riding a surfboard as well as practicing your tacks & gybes before hitting the waves. If it's waves you’re after, there are a number of spots locally where we can offer tuition.

Twin Tip Techniques // £140



We can offer advanced coaching in upwind riding, transitions, jumping, rotations & unhooking. Give us a call if there is a particular move you are looking to learn. 

Self Rescue // £140



Invaluable & never practiced enough...
Deepwater self rescue is a key skill that even the luckiest kiter will need to use at least once in their kiting career. Practicing self rescue in a controlled environment with boat support means that when you have to do it for real, you’ll be calm & confident & back on the beach in no time.

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