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find us at portland harbour, home to the 2012 olympic sailing, famous for its super flat water & one of the windiest places on the south coast. 


Portland Harbour is located in the heart of Dorset and offers some of the best kitesurfing conditions in the UK. The unique, 16 mile long, Chesil Beach acts as a huge natural wave break which allows Portland Harbour to experience the butter flat water for which it is famed in the kitesurfing world. Portland's unique geography means it is often windier than anywhere else on the South Coast, vastly increasing the number of kitesurfable days in the year. The double low tides offer a vast area of shallow, waist deep water which is perfectly suited to learning the basics of kitesurfing, whilst the high tides offer the perfect playground for intermediate to advanced riders. And if it couldn't get any better, unlike any other spot on the South Coast, Portland Harbour is suitable for kitesurfing in all wind directions meaning more days on the water.



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