Learning to kitesurf will probably change your life... & with our expert tuition it's much easier & safer than it looks!

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1 day


student instructor ratio 2:1


ever wanted to give kitesurfing a try? 
Our 1 day course has been designed to take you from complete beginner to competent kite flyer. By the end of the day you will be using a kite to pull yourself through the water. Safety is an integral part of kitesurfing & both the theoretical & practical elements of this will be covered in detail throughout the day. 



Site assessment, basic theory, land power kite set up, power kite flying, water kite set up, launching & landing, water relaunch, downwind/directional/upwind body dragging, safety pack-down.

2 day


student instructor ratio 2:1


All about the board
Our 2 day course is aimed at taking you from complete beginner to getting you up & on the board. We start with day one as detailed above then move to day two where you will hit the water & cover board starts, power delivery & work on progressing your rides. Throughout day two we are continually focusing on improving your skills learnt on day one & working towards independent kitesurfing. 


Board setup, upwind body dragging with board, first board starts, first board rides, controlling speed, stopping.

private lessons

student instructor ratio 1:1

£50 per hour 

The fastest way to learn….
These lessons can be completely tailored to your requirements & can be scheduled anytime of the day so you can get that pre/post work lesson in. A few hours private tuition after your 2 day course can really help to speed up your progression to becoming an independent kitesurfer. Give us a call/message to let us know what you’re looking for & we will formulate the perfect lesson plan for you. We strongly advise a minimum of 2 hours if booking a private lesson to allow enough practice time. We offer the use of 2 way radio headset communication for these lessons so that you can be in constant contact with your instructor.

2 to 1


student instructor ratio 2:1

£35 per hour

Share the fun... & the cost
These lessons can be used as a continuation to our 2 day course if you feel you need that little bit of extra tuition with your kiting buddy. Alternatively if you & a friend want to learn a new trick, to ride a surfboard or to boost higher, then these lessons provide the chance to take it in turns & learn from each other’s progression. Lessons are run with two students sharing one kite with one instructor. 

power kiting taster

student instructor ratio 6:1

£20 - 1 hour

Fancy giving kiting a go but don’t want to get wet just yet?
The power kiting taster is focused on fun & getting you hooked on kitesurfing. You learn how to set up & fly a land power kite & finish as competent power kiters. Perfect as a group activity for all the family. Max ratio 6 students : 1 Instructor

portland harbour


student instructor ratio 1:1

£30 - 45 mins

New to Portland Harbour Or not visited for a while?Portland Harbour is unique & can sometimes be a bit intimidating to those that haven’t been before with it's offshore winds & deep water at high tide. This short course is designed to give newcomers an introduction to Portland Harbour, covering a detailed site assessment, identification of hazards, what to do if it all goes wrong, launching techniques & a supervised session to make sure you’re comfortable.